sunday experience

Every Sunday, we meet for worship, teaching and fellowship. This is a time that unites us, equips us, and inspires us for a life of following Jesus. It is a time for us to meet with God, enter into the joy of worship, and to grow in our knowledge of Jesus and His desire for our lives,  Consistent with Biblical living, worship is at the heart of everything we do.

Services are held in person at 800 Grayson Rd, Pleasant Hill (look for the Generations flags!) 

They start at 10 am every Sunday and last roughly an hour and 15 minutes.  

Our services will also stream online at 10 am.

Kids (Toddlers - 5th grade) can be checked into the kids wing as early as 9:30 am.

Younger kids might prefer our Wiggle Room at the back of the Worship center that is

open during the service to a parent/guardian with the child.

what to expect

Our worship services include a number of important elements, including

  • Mutual greeting and welcome
  • Singing of (mostly) contemporary worship songs, led by our Worship Team
  • Prayer, Bible readings and other elements that enhance our worship
  • Practical, challenging preaching based on the Bible, the Word of God
  • An optional offering, as an expression to God of our gratitude for all His provision
  • Communion (generally monthly, though elements are available every week for private celebration)
  • Baptism for believing adults and youth at least twice a year


Parents of little ones may not be comfortable right away leaving their children in the care of someone new. So we've created a Wiggle Room, It's a clean and safe space where you can still be a part of the service while your kids have the freedom to be .. well ... kids! The Wiggle Room is stocked with diaper changing supplies and some toys to keep them occupied. Best part ids that you'll be able to participate in the service through our closed circuit TV.

When you become comfortable, ask a Guest Services Team member for a tour of our Preschool and Gen Kids area. They'll be glad to help.