Help us with our community events

Below are special event opportunities where we need your help!  

christmas eve URGENT NEEDS

We are in need of volunteers to help us with some of our upcoming events.  Would you please consider signing up to help us make it a great experience for everyone?  Training will be provided as necessary.  Please click on links below to sign-up or learn more about what is required.

  • This position will help set-up the chairs and then put them back at the end of service.  You  may also need to help the decor team set-up some tables.  Ray may also want to remove the couches to allow us more room for our guests.  If you are able to help us with one or both items above, please contact Ray and let him know you will be able to assist.  You can reach him by clicking here. 

  • You will assist Dona and Andy with decorating the area to greet our guests with that warm and fuzzy warm Christmas feeling.  Some things they may need help with is preparing the tables for those bringing potluck dishes for service.  Please contact Jayne to let her know if you're able to help with this.  CLICK HERE

  • We are looking for people to help provide some appetizers and dessert type dishes for our guest to partake in as they walk through the doors.  Please, we do ask, nothing with a strong smell  like eggs.   If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please CLICK HERE.

Walk the Neighborhood

We are looking for people who would help us walk the neighborhood around Gen Church and hand out Christmas Eve invitations to our neighbors.  WE will meet up in a specific location and be briefed and provided a script to use as we canvas the neighborhood.  Stay tuned for location.   To join us, CLICK HERE.

We have many ways you can help out!

Check out our various opportunities to volunteer and help us within the church and our community.  

If you're interested in working in one of the areas below, please click on the icon below.  

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Join THE  dream team today!

It's hard to describe the feeling of serving alongside someone until you experience it for yourself.  Everyone is unique and contributes to the body of Christ in their own way.

Volunteers Matter


At Gen Church, we want to share the Love of Jesus with everyone who walks through our doors or finds us online. God uses willing-hearted volunteers to make a huge difference in the lives of so many people every year!  We truly believe serving is a vital role in following the way of Jesus. If you are not sure where or how you can help, email Jayne, and she will help you find a spot! We do provide training and mentoring.

What to Expect as a Volunteer


Every role at Gen Church is different. That’s what makes volunteering worth it! You can operate in the area where you feel most gifted or interested, whether you serve in-person or virtually.  You can always expect there to be a process in place to equip and train you, as well as a designated leader who can answer all of your questions and will mentor you.

What areas can I volunteer?

Dream Team opportunities are limitless!! From hosting our guests each week as they arrive in-person or online, to serving in the Coffee House, Social Media, our Future Gen Kids & Youth ministries, to our Worship & Multimedia teams, there is a place for you. We can help you find the place where you feel most comfortable and able to make the greatest impact with your gifts! 

What is the time commitment?

Each volunteer ministry team provides multiple opportunities to serve, allowing you to find a time that works best for you. With in-person and online services and several special events throughout the year, there is definitely a Dream Team opportunity that will work for you.