Generations internship

Unleashing Christian Leaders!

Are you a High School Junior, Senior or recent graduate who is …

… wondering what life is like after High School or College?

… trying to work out where God wants you?

… concerned that you’re not ready for the workplace?

… not sure what your faith has to do with your career?

We have an idea for you. How about a church-based internship, open to 16-24 year old Christians, that is designed to help with all of these, whether you’re being called to commerce, industry, arts, Christian ministry, or anywhere else.

Check out the Generations Internship Program, a 3-month part-time internship that will:

  • Help you to discover how God has equipped and called you
  • Provide practical opportunities to grow specific skills (e.g. administration, teaching) and soft skills (leadership, communication, office interactions, etc)
  • Encourage spiritual growth through mentorship, teaching and development of good spiritual habits
  • Give you experience of working in and through the church to impact the world for Jesus
  • Add valuable work experience to your resume

Want to know more? EMAIL US HERE to help the Generations Internship team understand your interest. 

We will follow up with more information that is specifically tailored to you.


Every woman, man, youth and child who follows Jesus is called. We are called to bring all of our gifts, talents, experiences, abilities, and passions to the throne of God. We are called to know God, grow in our faith, discover our God-given purpose; and make a difference in the world around us.

It is with this in mind that Generations Church has created its internship program. This program is open to those who wish to discover how God wants to use them, who are committed to following His leading in their lives, and desire to learn how to be leaders and influencers in His church and the world.

WHY? What are we expecting God to do?

In this internship program all who are involved are looking for God to work in us and through us. We pray for great and specific blessings for our interns. And we pray similarly for our church, our community and the Kingdom of God.

Most of all, we believe God will bring about growth in each intern committed to serve Him in this program.


  • Discovery of God’s greatness and glory, of His love and grace.
  • Deeper knowledge of who God is, and how He as active in our world.
  • Humility and submission to the King of all Creation (Phil 2:5-8).

GROW in faith:

  • Seeing faith grow, as that faith is exercised in ministry and service.
  • Christian disciplines, including Bible study, prayer, journaling and fasting.
  • Being willing to share your story and speak the gospel in to the lives of others.
  • Realization of the need to model Christ and His character.
  • Learning to live out the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) and the love of Christ (1 Cor 13)

DISCOVER God-given purpose:

  • Recognizing God’s gifts, and putting them at His disposal for the building up of the church
  • Discovering the God-given calling and passions that will drive ministry
  • Recognizing abilities (and lack of abilities) that God will use
  • Learning what parts of ministry seem not to be a fit

MAKE a difference in the world around:

  • Submission to authority, and gracious carrying of authority
  • Valuing, respecting, and loving peers
  • Supporting and leading volunteers and staff
  • Mentoring young people and inspiring them to follow Jesus
  • Working as part of God’s loving family: actively collaborate with other interns, leaders, and church members 

In addition, while growing and discovering in these ways, an intern’s skills will be developed and honed for practical ministry in Generations Church and beyond. This will vary from person to person, depending on the particular gifts, abilities, passions and calling of the intern.

At the end of the program, every intern should be better prepared to serve God in their studies, their work and their church ministries. 

Internship program staff


Generations Senior Pastor George Willis sponsors the Generations Internship program, and provides mentorship, job placement and coaching for interns. Pastor George (PG) is a passionate believer that the church needs to develop Christian leaders through their involvement in the real world of ministry. He is committed to providing hands-on experience coupled with mentoring and coaching from more experienced leaders. 

PG has been a youth pastor, worship pastor and senior pastor for many years. He has also run his own successful business and gets the challenges of working in the "real world". PG believes strongly in the importance of developing young Christian leaders for ministry in the church and world.


Program Director Graham Seel leads the Generations Internship program. He works directly with each intern to design the right program, opportunities, and growth goals. He also acts as a leadership and spiritual mentor, and monitors each intern's progress throughout their time in the program. He oversees all aspects of the internship experience.

He has had a highly successful career as a technology and business executive, and then a consultant, with a number of high profile financial services firms. In that time he has mentored and led a number of young people who have developed into strong and able leaders. He is also a worship leader, Bible teacher and lay preacher with a passion for seeing Christian faith applied in all areas of life, both in and out of the church.