The very best way to learn more about Generations Church is to participate in one of our monthly GenConnect sessions. These are informal sessions that will help you to understand how God has called us as a church, to meet some key leaders, and to ask any questions. This informal gathering will also help with determining any next steps to take if you'd like to get a little more connected.

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In the meantime, you can learn a bit more in the sections below.

Who we are

Pastor George and his wife Kristen have called the East Bay Area home for more than 35 years. George was born and raised in Concord, attended College Park High School in Pleasant Hill, and established and eventually sold a successful custom printed apparel company based out of Concord. Kristen was a transplant from Southern California at an early age, and has always considered the East Bay her home. They have been married since 1997 and have one beautiful, life loving daughter, Madison.

Looking back on their lives individually as well as together, God has worked through the many relationships in age groups that are markedly different than their own. Some of their closest friends are about 20 years older - and, they are equally close with *their* kids who are exactly their age. George & Kristen have also had the opportunity to invest in the lives of many students and adults over their past 28+ years of relational ministry. God has repeatedly used different generations to continue to shape them into the people He created them to be.

You know a legacy has been established when subsequent generations are living out the principles and values modeled by those who have gone before them. George and Kristen are the product of three generations of Christ followers.

The decisions made today will always lay a foundation upon which subsequent generations build.

God has gifted Pastor George with the personality to be able to relate to all age groups and backgrounds. PG's heart is to connect the generations, and assist in equipping them to be all that God has called them to be, through an uncompromising commitment to Jesus and a huge heart for people.

At Gen Church, we are passionate about creating an environment where the younger generation can dream big dreams and energetically cast vision, while being supported by the more established generation’s wisdom, resources, and life experience. This is the legacy we strive to bring to Pleasant Hill and our surrounding communities.

Questions?  Email us or call 925-464-7165.

our dna

Our Mandate...

To reach every generation with the life-giving message of Jesus so that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Our Mission…

To create environments where people of all ages are ENCOURAGED and EQUIPPED to intimately know God; grow in their faith; discover their God-given purpose; and make a difference in the world around them.

Our Motive…

  • Be God’s loving Family. 
  • Every believer is a minister with a ministry. 
  • Be innovative in our ministry and relevant in our community. 
  • Speak and act with audacious faith.
  • We are better together (Teamwork)
  • Lead the way in generosity.
  • Participation over preference.

Our Motto…

"Real people, sharing real stories, about a real God!"

Our Core                                      

Core Beliefs of Gen Church

  • God is big and created us to be in relationship with Him.
  • Jesus is our Savior and God’s greatest gift to human kind.
  • The Holy Spirit is God living in us and through us.
  • Due to sin which separates us from God, we have a choice; if we choose Him, He promises victory over sin.
  • Grace makes a relationship with God possible.
  • Faith makes it possible for our relationship with God to grow.
  • We are created to bring God glory.
  • The Bible is God’s love letter to us.
  • The Church is not a building or an institution. It is the people who follow and model their lives after Jesus. The Church exists to give itself away.
  • Jesus is coming again!

Generations Church of Pleasant Hill is a part of the Open Bible Churches family. 

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