Men of Gen

Men of All Ages, we have three questions for you.

  • Do you want to grow in your faith?
  • Can you grow on your own, or would other men help?
  • Is knowing the Bible important in your growth?

If the answer to these three questions is yes (as I think it is for almost all of us), then please join us as we get together and help one another to grow in our Christian walk and our knowledge of God.

Men of Gen is the Generations Church community group for men.  

We meet every Saturday morning from 8 to 9:30 am. Generally we meet at Generations Church (3474 Buskirk Ave, Suite A, Pleasant Hill). However, on the first Saturday of each month, we meet at Corner Bakery, Crescent Drive, Pleasant Hill.

Current Series

We are engaged in a survey of the entire Bible. While sometimes we will look in depth at particular books or topics, we also believe it is most helpful to see everything in the context of the whole of God's Word. This series is aimed at people who know the Bible's parts well, but want to see the big picture, AND those who have little to no knowledge of the Bible.

Following the end-to-end theme of the Kingdom of God, we are discovery how God’s perfect plan is being carried out through imperfect human beings. Jesus talks a great deal about the Kingdom, but it is present throughout the Bible, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. 

Because God loves us so much, He chooses to carry out His will through us. The Bible shows how His plan has developed through the people of Israel, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the formation of the church. That’s where we come in! Understanding the whole of God's Word in this context will change our priorities, our values, and every aspect of how we live!

You are welcome to join the series at any point. We’ll make all the previous handouts available, and someone will sit down with you to help you catch up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to know the Bible to be eligible to attend?

A. No! Some of us have spent many years in studying the Bible, and some have barely even read it. But we all have a ton to learn from opening it together.


Q. What are our meetings like?

A. This varies, depending on what we’re learning and discussing and how the Spirit leads us. But generally there is some kind of teaching, and some discussion and mutual sharing. All the sessions are informal and interactive.


Q. Is this just for older men?

A. No, at Generations we believe that older men can learn from younger and vice versa. God works in His church as all generations grow together.


Q. I’m not used to meetings like this. What is expected of me?

A. We simply want you to turn up. You can be an active participant, or as quiet as a church mouse. You won’t be expected to read or pray aloud if you don’t want to, or to join in the conversation, or even do homework. But of course, the more you put into it, the more you will get out.


Q. Who will be leading?

A. The Holy Spirit, through men who feel called to teach or lead discussions. This will vary over time, and each “leader” will bring their own style and background to the table, and the rest of us will bring our contributions.